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Brisbane International Youth Music Festival Gala Night

I Love Gala Nights .. Nights of Celebration, Awarding and Rewarding Winners, Talents, and Outstanding Performances.

It was another Chance for the Talented Musicians to Showcase their Talents too ..

Also it was a night to dress up nicely .. I have been to the Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra before and I was looking forward for the Brisbane International Youth Music Festival.

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The Gala Night was held the Next Night to the Competition on the 26th of August.

The Gala Night was held in Somerville House School, in South Brisbane and Started around 5pm.

The Night Kicked off with a couple of speeches from Emin Tagiev (The Organizer) and the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk who also presented the winners with their Prizes. 

Photo by: Cassandra Hansen
Photo by: Cassandra Hansen
Photo by: Cassandra Hansen
Photo by: Cassandra Hansen
I would not want to be in the panel to judge such amazing talent and to the people who don't know! all the participants were under the age of 21 ..

and to blow your minds the youngest contestant was 6 years old .. The Amazing Grace Wu

There was heaps of Talents which made the judging panel to award and chose more than one person for some places and they added more prizes ..
The Prizes were:
1st prize -$3000
2nd prize-$1500
3rd prize- $1000
4th prize- $500
5th prize - $300
6th prize - $200

The winners were:
7th Place:
Grace Wu 

6th Place:
Pamina Milencovic (Piano)

5th Place:
Brett Yang (Violin) 

4th Place:
Anna Li and Esther Lee (both Piano)

3rd Place:
Elizabeth Hubbard (Cello) and Tim Yu (Violin)

2nd Place:
Zoe Freisberg (Violin)

And The Winner Was:
Oliver Scott (Cello)

After presenting the Winners with their Prizes and certificates it was time to Enjoy some Great performances from the Winners .. 

The Performances started backwards this time where the winner Oliver Started Playing on his Cello Followed by the other Contestants ..

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Back to the Performances!

The Organizers took the opportunity in between performances to Thanks 2 of the People Working Behind the Scenes ..
Cassandra Hansen who was in charge of the competition Media, Website and Facebook Page ..

The Second was Daniel Tagiev who was the Coordinator for the Festival. 

Back again to the Performances ..

End of the First part of the night .. Time for a break and some refreshments. The Ambassadors took the Chance to do what they do best .. Taking photos and looking Great ;) 

This was also the Last event for our Japanese Ambassador Yoshiaki Aoki who left us after Graduating and he will start a new Chapter of his life in Hong Kong .. Good Luck Yoshi ..

After the break the performances continued but this time with more Professional Performers such as Aaron Brown (Violin) and Katherine Philip (Cello) and they were both from USA.

Followed by Natasha Vlassenko and Oleg Stepanov (Piano) from Australia who were on the judging panel too for the competition ..

Finally it was The Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra To Blow our mind with Great performances .. 

The First had Grace Wu as a Soloist and the second had Daniel Tagiev as a Soloist and Finally Ilya Konovalov as a Soloist. 

Videos from the Gala Concert by the Amazing Cassandra Hansen and King Ming our Singaporean Ambassador ..

Once again and before everyone leaves it was time to take more and more photos .. 

Everyone want a photo with the Superstar of the Night Grace Wu

Thanks for the Organizers for Inviting us again for such an Amazing Concert and looking Forward for the Second Brisbane International Youth Music Festival. Till Then I will keep listening to the Youtube Videos I have and Follow you guys in the next Events and Concerts you are playing in :)

Brisbane International Youth Music Festival:

Also Check out The Amazing Cassandra Hansen's Website and Youtube Channel:

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