Tuesday, September 18, 2012

QUT Dragon Boat Race

What a great and quick year 2012 has been!! its already September!! 

In September there are heaps and heaps of Events Happening .. 

My Birthday! hahaha lol

QUT Dragon Boat Race, 

Brisbane Festival, The Light show in South Bank (Santos Lights) and River Fire on the 29th,

Mid-Semester Exams and Mid-Semester Break too, 

Metro 1 League Grand Final with UQFC which we already won against Jimboomba on Sunday,

Taiwan Festival where they are trying to break a Guinness Record,

My Dear Friends Carol and Ricky are getting Married,

Also not to Forget AUG (Asean Uni Games) that I will miss because i Have to work .. 

and many many other events ..

Back to The Dragon Race, The race was organised by QUT Student Engagement Team who are doing great job at getting the students in QUT Together in cooperation with the Brisbane River Dragons .. 

All the teams been through Training Sessions with Brisbane River Dragons to prepare them for the Real Race .. 

The First Training was on the 25th of August.

The Race was Scheduled on Saturday the 15th of September 2012 .. 

Time wise it was supposed to start at 9am and finish around 1pm .. 

we came to South bank to set up at 6am .. we weren't the early ones! the teams came really early and they were all pumped up to start the race so the race started ahead of time :) 

We had 10 Teams of 20 paddlers in the Race:
1- One Direction

2- Team Urbanest

3- CLV Pirates

4- EPIC Strokes

5- Golden Dragons

6- Academic Masters

7- Thunderbolt

8- The Tribe of Targaryans

9- Student Warriors

10- STAE Dragon Slayers

The races were conducted in Round robin style .. and the top teams participated in the finals while the others participated in the minor finals.

After the First Round the teams had a bread to enjoy the Dragon Dance before the Minor Finals and the Finals .. 
Video of one of the Races

The Top 3 Teams in the finals were: STAE Dragon Slayers, Thunderbolt, Epic Strokes.

but before announcing the winner .. The Best Dressed Team and The Lucky Draw for people who voted for the best dressed team ..

The Winner of the Best Dressed Team Was CLV Pirates ..

In Third Place we had Thunderbolt

In Second Place: Epic Strokes

And The Winners of The QUT Dragon Boat are : 

Study Abroad and Exchange Dragon Slayers
and they won by 0.3 Seconds!!!!

The Race Was Great and Everyone was exhausted and Happy at the end of it .. 
Thank You QUT and Thank you QUT Student Engagement .. 
Photos by: Peter Gatbonton, QUT

For more Information about Brisbane River Dragons (BRD)

also for more photos check the QUT Student Engagement album and my Album will be up soon too ..

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