Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NCG 2012

NCG National Conference and Games ..
A great initiative for all the Malaysians Studying in Australia to meet, debate, play sports, Visit the other states and have fun with their other fellow Malaysians.

This Year NCG was held in the Gold Coast Here in Queensland "The Sunshine State" with participation of New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and of course Queensland.

The Conference and Games began on the 7th and finished on the 11th with The Malaysian Night to celebrate the end of NCG in a classy manner and award the winners of NCG.

The Games were held on 2 days and there was Team and individual sports played these were:

Team Sports:
1. Football (Males)

2. Netball (Females)

3. Volleyball (Males & Females)

4. Frisbee (Mixed)

5. Futsal (Males & Females)
6. Basketball (Males & Females)
7. Rugby (Male)
8. Rugby Touch (Female)
9. Handball (Males & Females)
10. Badminton (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
11. Squash (Singles)
12. Table Tennis (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
13. Tennis (Singles & Mixed Doubles)
Every state had their distinctive color and jersey provided by the organizer to all of the participants.

1. Queensland - Orange
2. Victoria - Red
3- New South Wales - Blue
4- Western Australia - Black
5- South Australia - Green
6- Tasmania - Purple
The different Competition were held in different venues. the venues used this year were Bond University and Carrara Stadium and Carrara Indoor Sports Complex.

This was my First NCG experience and the reason i was there even though I am not malaysian was because i was coaching the Futsal Teams for Queensland.

it was Great Fun to be there and I definitely enjoyed NCG.

The Malaysian Night was really great to end up a couple of days of sports, fun and meeting new friends .. 

At the Malaysian Night all the winners received their medals and The Overall Winner was Announced. 

Queens whaaaaaat?? "Queensland"
Yup Queensland won the Overall by winning most of the competitions in NCG 2012. 

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