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Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra

Have you Ever been in a situation where you wanted the Time to Stop and stay at that Moment for more Time?? Or have you been to an event or a concert and wanted it to continue for more time?? 

This is exactly what happened to me in Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra

It was a Last minute Decision for me to attend this Event after inviting my Dear Friend Kiralee to come with me to the Event since she plays the Fluit and she participate in a band as well .. 

Didn't know what to expect since it was my first time to attend such events and to be frank i was not expecting much!!!

But these Young Musicians Blew me Away with their sensational performances .. I was really amazed of how good they were .. and I don't think I would do them justice whatever I write about them because they were Great ..

The Event was on a Sunday Evening at the Rosalie Baptiste Church - 97 Fernberg Road, Paddington.
The date was the 17th of June 2012.

The event was a fundraising Event for the Brisbane International Youth Music Festival to be held in Brisbane for the first time on 25th and 26th of August 2012.

The Tagiev orchestra has toured internationally on several occasions including performances in New York and recently in St. Petersburg. Emin’s idea is to have a classical music festival for young performers that will contribute to further advancing Brisbane as a cultural center of international repute for emerging and established Australian and international artists.

They Performed 10 Musical Pieces for us and as I said i wanted them to carry on and never stop!!

Firstly The Tagiev Junior Ensemble Started the Concert by Playing Three Musical Pieces ..

The first Piece was A. Vivaldi - Concerto for Two Violins in A-min, 1st Movt. 

The Next Two Pieces were: A. Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in A-min, 1st Movt.
The First Piece was a Soloist by Sophia Di Lucchio. 

The Soloist for the Second was : Grace Wu

The concertmaster for this part was Fiona Qui.

In these Three performances I had Goose Bumps Throughout each single performance .. 

Next It was Time for the Tagiev Chamber Orchestra.

The concertmaster was Daniel Tagiev

The Pieces Played were: 

1- A. Vivaldi - Concerto for Two Cellos, 3rd Movt.
Soloists: Cassandra Hansen & Keishi Barnes.

2- J. S. Bach - Concerto for Two Violins in D-min 1st movt & 3rd movt.
Soloists: Eleanor Hill & Mai Yamanaka (1st movt.)

Lachlan Huang & Fiona Qiu (3rd movt.)

3- W. A. Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante, 1st movt.
Soloists: Daniel Tagiev & Cassandra Hansen

after that we had a break to have some snacks and drinks .. also to meet the band and mingle with the audience .. 
Left to Right: Hussain (ME), Lily, Cassandra, Kirralee
after the break we went back to our seats for the second and last part of the Event ..

The Pieces they played in the second part were: 

1- J. S. Bach - Harpsichord Concerto in D-min, 1st movt.

2- C. Saint-Saens - introduction and Rondo Capriccioso. 
Soloist: Daniel Tagiev.

3- J. Brahms - Hungarian Dance.

4- P. de Saraste - Zifeunerweisen.
Soloist: Daniel Tagiev.

And that was the end of Sensational Performances by this Great Youth Group .. Can't wait to see them perform again in the Brisbane International Youth Music Festival.

A Video Composed by Cassandra Hansen about the Concert

Tagiev Chamber Orchestra 
Photo with the Ambassadors
Lily and Cassandra
ME, Daniel, and Emin
Finally, for people who wants to know more about the Brisbane International Youth Music Festival.

The Brisbane International Youth Music Festival incorpsorates:

The Competition:
The Competition is for solo instrumentalists, solo vocalists and ensembles of up to five people who are aged 21 years or under(25 years or under for vocalists) as from 1 August 2012. The first stage of the competition is an audition process. This will be by DVD entry of two contrasting pieces no longer then 15 minutes in duration. DVD applications will need to be submitted by COB on Friday 6 July 2012. From the audition process, contestants will be selected to compete at the Competition Concert. The top six contestants chosen by the jury will win cash prizes and invited to play at the Festival Gala Concert.
1st prize -$3000
2nd prize-$1500
3rd prize- $1000
4th prize- $500
5th prize - $300
6th prize - $200

Additional prizes may be offered

The Festival Orchestra:
The Festival Orchestra is a youth orchestra of talented musicians in the Brisbane area. The existing Tagiev Chamber String Orchestra will form the basis of the Festival Orchestra but other interested musicians will be invited to join as required depending on the repertoire chosen. The 2012 orchestra will predominantly be made up of strings and wind musicians.

There will be two concerts.
The Competition Concert held on Saturday 25th of August 2012.
The Festival Concert held on Sunday 26th of August 2012 will showcase the festival orchestra and six contestants selected to play from the Competition Concert.
The Festival Gala Concert held on Sunday 26th of August will showcase the six winners of the Competition, as well members of the jury who will play with the Festival Orchestra.

Educational Classes:
There will be a number of Educational classes offered as part of the festival to the Festival orchestra members, The Queensland Academy of Creative Industries Music students, Festival Competitors and other interested Musical students keen to attend. It is anticipated that there will be a range of master classes for advanced students and more introductory/elementary classes for intermediate students or in specialist areas not easily accessible for school aged students.

The Adjudicator & Panel:
The adjudicators for the Competition Concert will consist of a panel of eminent Australian and international musicians chaired by Tania Fraser, the Creative Director of QPAC’s Ensemble in Residence – the Southern Cross Soloists.

The adjudicator's will consist of:
Tania Fraser – Brisbane, Australia (Chair)
Oleg Stepanov – Brisbane, Australia
Natasha Vlassenko- Brisbane, Australia
Stefan Kelber – Berlin,Germany
Peter Luff - Brisbane, Australia
Margaret Schindler - Brisbane, Australia

NOTE: the jury may be extended to include other eminent musicians / singers/ music teachers to reflect the breadth of music represented by the top 20 contestants.

For More Information about the Festival and The Tagiev Chamber Orchestra Check Their contact Details:

Brisbane International Youth Music Festival:

Also Check out The Amazing Cassandra Hansen's Websit and Youtube Channel:

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