Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Talent and The Voice!

There are so many Music TV shows and competitions all over the world .. 

One of the Newest ones is 

"The Voice"

A Talent Show that only depends on the contestant's voice and voice only!

I like the idea of the program because the Coaches pick their team according to what they hear and not what they see which always would affect the decision of the coach if they always see the person sings! 

From watching the Voice UK and The Voice USA I found that the talent in the UK is much better than its in the US! there are so many great singer in the UK but from watching the Blinds in the US show I really didn't find many great voices that match some of the voices in the UK! 

Also I like th Coaches of The Voice UK than the other shows ..

I'm yet to watch the Voice Australia and hopefully it will have more and better talent! I also guess that the previous comment came just from me being partially Aussie .. hahaha ..

these shows to be honest are great to give more people more opportunities to show their talents and share their greatness with the world. 

I know that sometimes the coaches make some strange choices in the battle rounds from picking who to go against who or who to pick to go through! but that's their choice and their contestants and they would know better (hopefully) than us behind the screen .. 

Finally, I have to say that the coaches in each show are great .. 
The Voice USA Coaches
The Voice Australia Coaches
The Voice UK Coaches

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