Wednesday, June 5, 2013

State of Origin

It is the time of the Year! The Wednesday to stops all the traffic and gets all the Eyes on the TV and unites all the different sports fans under one sport and one game only!


And despite its nearly exam time in universities but everyone will leave their books aside and watch and cheer for their teams ..

Queenslander you were or from NSW! A Maroon Fan or a Sky Blue Supporter you will surely make time for this special event ..

First game of this series will be in Sydney .. the teams are ready for the fight and so do we :)

With the Guidance of Coach Meninga, and the efforts and spirit of the boys we can do it again and again .. Slater, Thurston, Captain Smith, Thaiday, Inglis, boyd, Tate and all the boys in the team .. we will be Victorious 

We won it 7 Straight and now we want the 8th .. lets go Queensland .. Go the Maroons .. let's dominate once more ..

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