Sunday, April 29, 2012

Business and Social Etiquette .. College of Excellence

Last Thursday I attended the College of Excellence Dinner In Southbank Institute of Technology ..

It was a Great Opportunity to learn about Business and Social Etiquette from an Experienced person who attended many official Dinners and accompanied many Lord Mayors and Premiers .. Graeme Roberts-Thomson ..

Graeme Roberts-Thomson - MVO (Member of the Royal Victorian OrderRFD (Reserve Force Decoration) has a wealth of experience in the importance of professional conduct across a variety of arenas. Graeme has served as Aidede-Camp to the Governor of Queensland, worked closely with six Premiers and was Director of Protocol Queensland for a decade. Since 2001 his consultancy, GRT & Associates has advised corporate and government clients on protocol and hospitality issues, hosting successful events, effective business facilitation and stakeholder engagement.

Pre-Dinner Picture with Alice and Ken
Wesley and Sae

Our Host: Brody

Sarah Pearce
The Dinner 3 course Menu 

Entree: QLD Tiger Prawns with Avocado Slasa

Graeme Explaining How to have Soup and Dessert ..

My Main Course or whats left of it .. I had the Steak ..

General Rules

First Impressions

Listening Carefully

The Handshakes

Listening Carfully

My Favorite part of the Dinner: 
Dessert :)
Baked Goat's Curd and Lemon Tartlet with Icecream

Vanilla Cream Burlee with poached pear

Hosting and Networking

More pictures at the end

Alice - ME - Ken

Final Questions and Discussions
It was a great night of Learning, Enjoying Good Company, Meeting New Faces, Eating Good Food, and Networking.

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  1. Thanks for your for your compliment, I hope you enjoyed it all :)