Sunday, April 29, 2012

Surprise Surprise .. Happy 21st Rae

TGIF .. It was one of the longest Friday's in my Uni Life!

An Anatomy Exam in the Morning and A quiz for the same Subject at night!!!

but since it was Friday, I had to forget about Uni and start to Enjoy my Weekend :)

A Surprise Birthday Celebration for our Lovely Rae, The President of the QUT Singapore Students Associations (QUT SSA) .. 

The Original plan was to Go for Dinner followed by Watching American Pie Reunion .. but Rae didn't know about the Surprise we have for her .. 

We went for Dinner at AMICI'S in Soutbank (Traditional Italian Restaurant) and we had to sneak in the Cake so Rae won't notice what's going on .. 

Since it was Italian the main food we ordered was Pizza and Pasta .. Yum ..

we also signed (with Caution) a Birthday Card for her without her knowing .. 

Group Pictures are a MUST ... 

and now its Time for some Cake .. Happy Birthday to you :)



 Full with Excitement .. 

We had a special guest During Dinner .. A Possum .. hahaha

Despite the rain we had a great time at the restaurant and in the movies .. 

The movie was Quite Funny and everyone was laughing out loud .. 

Happy 21st Birthday to you Rae Rae :)

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