Sunday, April 29, 2012

Footy Time - Brisbane Lions Vs Geelong Cats

Date: 28/04/2012
Occasion: Brisbane Lions Vs Geelong Cats

Brisbane Lions and Geelong Cats Logos
AFL (Australian Football League
Venue: The Gabba
The Gabba
Aerial View of The Gabba

On Rainy Cold Saturday I went with some of my Fellow Ambassadors to Watch an AFL Game at The Gabba.

Australian Football is not Similar to American or Worldwide Football (in some countries called Soccer).

The game is usually played in an Elliptical Shaped Field and its usually a 150 x 90 Meters Field.

AFL Field Main Areas and Positions
The Game is divided into 4 quarters of 20 Minutes ..
There are two different way of Scoring points:

1- Goals (6 Points):
A goal is scored when the ball is kicked between the Goal posts (the 2 middle post of the Goal posts in each side of the field).

2- Behinds (1 Point)
A Behind is Scored when the ball is kicked between the behind posts (the side posts of the Goal posts on each sides of the field).

AFL Goal Posts
Before the game some of the Ambassadors met for Dinner in the City ..
Yiki and Claire Excited for the Game
Taking Pictures while waiting for the other Ambassadors 
Tickets for the Game ...
Sheila, Claire, and Yiki .. Discrimination !!!
After Dinner and the arrival of everyone we took the FREE Shuttle Bus to THE GABBA ..  
Since we arrived early it was time to take some more pictures before the Game starts .. 
Emily, Marjorie, Yiki, Claire, and Sheila
More Pictures .. Thank you Old Man .. 
We Are All Simon Black
 In the way we met The Lions Mascot ..
" Bernie 'Gabba' Vegas"
The Ambassadors with Bernie "Gabba" Vegas
We are Ready for some Footy ..
 The Lions Entrance .. 
Simon Black
This Game was a Special Game for The Lions Fans and for Simon Black because it was his 300th Game with The Club .. 
A message from Soldiers currently in Afghanistan .. 
Standing to Remember The Soldiers who Died in the War .. Lest We Forget .. 
And The National Australian Anthem ..  
Stats after the First Quarter 
More Stats after the First Quarter .. 
Free Gifts .. Go Lions 
Palwasha From Pakistan Showing her QLD Colors ..
Claire is in LOVE too !!
SIMON BLACK Career Games and Highlights
# 20 SIMON BLACK 300 Career Games with The LIONS .. 
Stats and Scores after the Second Quarter and its not going Good for The Lions ..

The Ambassadors who Attended The Game ..

The team is awarded a Free Kicks when if A player is :
1- Pushed from the back.
2- Tripped.
3- Held while he's in possession of the ball.
4- Holding the ball (not disposing of it properly when tackled)
5- Throwing the ball.
6- Running too far with the ball (more than 15 meters without bouncing it on the ground or correctly disposing of it).
7- Charging an opponent.
8- Abusing the Umpire.

Action Pictures from The Game ..

The Umpire Restarting The Game by Throwing The Ball Back to The Field .. 

Some Action in The Middle Area of The Field ..

The Game Finished with a Loss for The Lions .. 
The Final Score:
Brisbane Lions 41-79 Geelong Cats
The Gabba after the End of the Game ..

Check out The AFL, Brisbane Lions, and The Gabba Websites for more information about the upcoming matches.


  1. hahaha .. it was a good night despite the rain .. thanks King Ming :)