Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brisbane Racing Carnival - RaceFest

Brisbane Racing Carnival - RaceFest was amazing ..

Date: 12/05/2012
Venue: Doomben Racecourse 

coming from a background where horses, horse Riding, and horse racing is something common made me very excited to attend this event .. 

I have done some horse riding before back home in Saudi Arabia and one of my dreams was always to own my own Horse ..

We The ambassadors went there and everyone enjoyed their time specially the girls! because they all dressed up for the Races and they all looked gorgeous as usual :)

Left to Right: Sheila (Indonesia), Marlene (Germany), Kylie (Australia), Claire (China), Yiki (Hong Kong) Palwasha (Pakistan)
The Boys used the Chance too and Dressed up for the event 

Left to Right: Pare Xavier Guest, Yoshi (Japan) James and Ming (Singapore), Jack (China), Xavier (Philippines), Shao (Malaysia) and ME in the Back
The Second Race about to Begin
Second Race Result

after the race we went to discover the venue and see what else is going on around .. 

Ming (Singapore) and Sumit (Bangladesh) 
Discussion about eating or not! and Sumit is in a Dilemma!! 

International Food Court 15$ for a plate.
and Thats ME :) 
during our Discovery session Kylie (Australia) found the beer tasting Booth which was her favorite discovery of the day!!

Jack (China) Tasting Beer 
Yoshi (Japan) and his always Serious pose 
Ming Finally found something he's interested in "BEER"!!
 and then we went back to watch the third race ..
The Final Moments of the Race
The Final Moments of the Race
and the Winner is ....
Marlene (Germany) and her boyfriend Muheeb 
Marlene (Germany) and Kylie (Australia) enjoying the break  
The Next Race is Starting soon ..
Get Ready!!!
Marlene and Kylie Highlighting Brisbane's name and Logo "Australia's New World City"
The DJ Station
The Race Crowd

Race 5 Results ..
another photo of the crowd 
The Girls posing at the DJ Station photo booth 
 After the last race it was time for FOOD! so the rest of us head back to the city and had a delicious meal in MOS Burger The Japanese Restaurant .. Great Ending to a Great day  

Posing for food while Muheeb is still eating :p
Fish Fillet Burger 
Vegetarian Burger  
For More Information about the Races and the Upcoming Events Check the Doomben Racecourse and The Brisbane Racing Club Websites:

Doomben Races
Brisbane Racing Club

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