Saturday, May 5, 2012

Music Time - Urban Country Music Festival

Urban Country Music Festival Advertisement in Caboolture Historical Village website

Date: 5th of May 2012
Location: Caboolture Historical Village, Caboolture.

Occasion: Urban Country Music Festival 2012

My weekends are not mine anymore .. hahaha .. as they became busier than my weekdays!!!

This was one of the few Saturdays that I don't have Football on, but it was the Saturday that I started coaching the Malaysian Girls Futsal Team for their NCG (National Conference and Games) competition.

most of the Ambassadors head their while i was at training but i was lucky to be accompanied with The one of the Malaysian Ambassadors, Hani.

A day of learning about Culture, Listening to Urban Country Music, and a first time visit to Caboolture.

ROLAN WHEEL Welcomed us to the Village 
How Hotels used to look back in those days 
Singing Competition ..
The Police Station
Car Service 
Hani in a Car Advertisement - It looks like a scene from a movie in the 50's 
The Entrance of the Axemans Hall of Fame - cooool
<3 Horses <3
The Horse show was Great .. These Horses are very Smart :)
Military Museum 
One of the bands playing on the day ..

Part of one of their songs .. 
The Village Blacksmith was on Duty ..
Working Hard even on the weekend ..
Cheap and colorful Gems ..
Printing Machine ..
Printing Plate ..
Explaining the Process 
That's how people used to dress back in the day ..
Hani with the Fairy ..
hahaha .. every time I see this picture i laugh .. very funny guy 
Baby Lama ..
Baby Animals
Hani: "I wish I was still 9 so I can play with them"
Bye Bye Caboolture .. It was a very nice day :)

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