Saturday, May 5, 2012

North Stradbroke Island "Straddie"

If you ever Come to Brisbane or Queensland then you have to visit the Islands on the east coast of Australia such as : Stradbroke (North & South), Moreton (Tangalooma), Bribie Island, and Fraser Island.

There are more Islands Further north in Queensland Like Hamilton Island and Many Many More .. 

After Finishing the Redlands and the Indigiscapes Tours we took our way to North Stradbroke Island.

James (Singapore) Taking a nap on the Bus!

We took the BIG RED CAT Ferry From Cleveland  to the Straddie .. The trip in the Ferry takes around 50 minutes ..
The BIG RED CAT (Taken from the BIG RED CAT Website)
Elsa(Indonesia) and Ming (Singapore) having a Karaoke Session in The BIG RED CAT
Me in Captain's Seat
There is Always Time for Group Pictures
Our Lovely Tour Guide Lucy Became our Photographer too!
North Stradbroke Island is an Australian island in the state of Queensland, 30 km southeast of the capital Brisbane. Before 1896 the island was part of the Stradbroke Island. In that year a storm separated it from South Stradbroke Island, forming the Jumpinpin Channel. It is known colloquially as Straddie. 

North Stradbroke Island Map
The island is about 38 km long and 11 km wide. North Stradbroke Island is the second largest sand island in the world.

There are many Activities that you can do in Straddie such as: Sandboarding, Whale Watching, Many Different Tours like the 4WD Tours, Diving, Surfing, Water Sport, Fishing etc. 
Another Karaoke Session in the Bus (Ming and Xavier)
In the Island we went to Point Lookout and had their famous Fish and Chips Lunch next to Captain James Cook Memorial Stone ,,

Captain James Cook Memorial Stone
 after lunch we celebrated our beloved "Xavier" The Ambassador from The Philippines ..

Our Guide in the Island talking to us about the Island's History

The Ambassadors Yoshi (Japan) and Shao (Malaysia) Having a laugh over Lunch

after lunch we took the beautiful and scenic Point Lookout Walk .. 

Beautiful View of one of the Island's Beaches
James (Singapore) Taking Pictures 
King Ming (Singapore) Milking the Tree!!! LOL
Our Sand Boarding Instructor ..
More Beautiful Views ..

I had to take a photo here 
Ali (Qatar) and His Wife
More Group Photos

We Saw some Turtles 

Another Beach in Straddie

The next step was Sand Boarding and we needed to take a 4WD car to reach to the Sand Boarding Location .. it was my first time doing it and I had heaps of fun .. 

The Instructor waxing the Board ..
Showing us Different Ways of Sand Boarding
Showing us Different Ways of Sand Boarding
James Enjoying his First Sand Boarding Experience ..
Promode Sand Boarding Like a BOSS!!
Shao (Malaysia) and Elsa (Indonesia) Racing!!
Group photo after Sand Boarding ..
Me after Sand Boarding 
First Jumping Shot Without Promode!
Jumping Shot Elsa (Indonesia) Promode (Sri Lanka) and Shao (Malaysia)
The Trip was great and we enjoyed it fully .. can't wait to go back again to visit Straddie ..

Me With our Lovely Tour Guides Karen (Left) and Lucy (Right)
Shao in The BIG RED CAT Thinking 
for more information about Straddie and the activities and tours check this Website:

also Check the BIG RED CAT Website for Bookings:


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