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Overnight in Paradise - Tangalooma Island Resort

People always talk about how to impress other and First Impressions .. Tangalooma Island Resort enchanted us from the first look and what an Impression we got from the Island ...
Aerial View of the Tangalooma Island Resort
It was a new Day and a new Trip with my Fellow Brisbane International Student Ambassadors .. Our Destination was Tangalooma Island Resort .. 

It was not the best Date for a Trip since it was just before the Final Examinations Period for all the Universities here in Brisbane .. Everyone was waiting anxiously for their Final Exams Timetable because no one wanted to miss such a Great Trip .. 

15 of us accompanied with our lovely Tour Guide Stacey Maxwell were ready and excited to tour the Island in our overnight Stay in Tangalooma Island Resort .. 

The Date was the 8th of June .. Most of us met in Central Station and took our way to Doomben Station and too a Taxi to Holt Street Wharf where we met with Stacey and Took the Ferry to The Island .. 

Shao and Nor Hani (Malaysia) in the Train 
Elsa (Indonesia) Very Excited and Happy 
The Ferry Trip to the Island Takes around 75 Minutes both ways .. The weather was not the Best weather in the way to the Island for an adventure but it got better when we reached their .. It was a good time for some chit-chats with the Ambassadors and Stacey .. and not to forget taking pictures ;)

Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry ..
Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry ..
The Ambassadors Choosing Their Lunch ..
Lunch Orders are Nearly Ready ..
James (Singapore), Plawasha (Pakistan), Nor Hani (Malaysia) Choosing Dinner 
James (Singapore) and an Early Photo shoot for Elsa (Indonesia)
Cloudy Day in the Way to Tangalooma ..
The Beach :)
And We are here :)))
Tangalooma has over 80 tours and activities on offer and more than half are free. The hardest decision will be which to choose first!

Our First Activity of the day was The Pelican Feed and Sea Bird Talk followed by A Tour in The Island to see all the available Facilities and The Different Accommodation Options there .. 

Our Meet and Greet Staff from the Resort
The Pelican Show 
Our Lovely Tour Guide Stacey :)
Luxury Accommodation ..

The View from the Apartment ..
Another angle of the View from the Apartment ..
The Main Beach ..
Stacey Doing A head count and Giving some important Information ..
After the tour we all went to The Beach Cafe for our Lunch which we all picked during the trip on the Ferry along with picking dinner too!! 

They have a very big range of Meals that you can get in the Cafe! The following meals are some of them :)
Fish Fillet with Chips and Salad
Spaghetti Bolognese
Deep Fried Prawns With Chips and Salad
Cold Seafood Platter ..
Tangalooma Works Burger For James(Singapore) NO VEGIES!!!!
The Real Tangalooma Works Burger ..
Vegetarian Pizza 
After Lunch the First Real Activity Started "Desert Safari Tour" they took us along with other people in a bus tour in the desert and finally it was time to do some Sand Boarding .. our Tour Guide "Mark" Explained to everyone the right way to Sand-Board ..
The Desert Safari Tour Bus
Our Tour Guide Mark Explaining How to Sand Board
Mark Assisting Stacy who was the First to Go
Me sand Boarding! Why only My Pic is Blurry!!
Yiki's (Hong Kong) First Time Sand Boarding
King Ming Smiling For the Camera 
James (Singapore) Showing his Sand Boarding Skills
It Was Very Good (Thumbs Up)
Group Jumping Photo Edited by Shao Cheng
Back to the Resort for another Activity! This time it was "The Quad Bike Tour" .. I was very Excited for this Tour .. after a very informative explanation from our Tour Guide Instructor "Clancy" about Quad Bikes, how to Ride them, and safety during the tour .. It was time to have some FUN!!! 

After a While Palwasha Decided she will not Do it herself 

Great photo with The Sunset in the Background
The Ambassadors split into 2 Groups .. this is ours :)
We had to stop a couple of Time because some of the Ambassadors decided to go Haywire :p or go the wrong way sometimes .. hahaha  .. some of the incidents were very funny!! lol 

You would not really know how fun this tour until you try it yourself :)

The Day was not over yet but the Energy Levels were low!! But!! before Dinner It was Time to feed The Cute and Lovely DOLPHINS!!! 
Tinkerbell and the Baby 
Everyone was very excited and waiting for this so Dinner can wait until we Finish Feeding The Dolphins .. also we had the Chance to See Tinkerbell and the New Born Dolphin which a Naming Competition is going on at the moment to Name it ..
Elsa (Indonesia), Kritika (India), and I(Saudi Arabia) Feeding the Dolphins :)
Kritika Trying her best not to Panic!
Group Photo before the Feeding ..
Its not for you Elsa!! This is the Dolphins food!!
All of us went after getting changed to The Beach House Rotunda for Dinner .. Dinner is Served!! Everyone Picked their Main Meal for Dinner in the Morning but we also had a Buffet for Dinner too along with our main! so during the wait for the Main to be ready we went and tried the Soup of the day, Entrees, Salads, and Dessert .. 
Soap of the Day
Wedges, Fried Noodles and Samosa
Salads ..
Custard and Apple Crumble 
Chocolate Mud cake and Cheesecake 
My Main Meal was The Grilled Barramundi Fish with Mashed Potato .. and here are some of the other Mains you can get at the Beach House Rotunda.
King Prawns ..
My Barramundi :)

Medium Rare Steak and Gravy 
everyone would think that the Day was over! Think Again!!! The Resort hold heaps of different Entertainment Activities at night too!! This Time it was The Talent Show .. All the performances were from People who came to the Resort for holidays and Relaxation .. The Ambassadors had their Share of Showing their Talents Specially the Sensational Shao Cheng From Malaysia who Played the Piano .. Kritika from India and  Elsa From Indonesia also performed too .. 

After the Talent Show we all went out for a short walk until it started raining so we all went back to our rooms .. and some of us gathered to see some of James (Singapore) Card Tricks and played Some Card Games after that and finally call it a night :) 

Only a couple of Hours left for us in the Island because we were taking the first Ferry Back to Brissy .. so we all woke up very early and took a walk along the beach, a session of taking photos and finally Our Buffet Breakfast at the Tursiops Restaurant .. 

After Breakfast it was time to say Goodbye to the Lovely Island .. 

IT Was A Trip To Remember From A to Z and I Recommend this Visiting Tangalooma to Anyone staying or Visiting Brisbane .. 

I Cant Wait to Go Back Again There .. 

Also Check My Fellow Ambassador's Video about the Trip and the Talent Show Performances King Ming From Singaport

Also Watch the Tangalooma In 3 Minute Video By the Tanglaooma Island Resort

For More Information About the Island, The Tours and Bookings please Visit the Resort Website:

Tangalooma Island Resort:
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