Monday, June 4, 2012

Where is My Red Carpet?? Tourism Queensland Film Shoot

The Date was the 4th of June .. 

The occasion was A day of being a Superstar!! yeah a couple of the Ambassadors and I participated in Tourism Queensland Film Shoot to to advertise and promote Brisbane and Queensland. 

Our participation was organised by Brisbane Marketing .. 

It was an early start for that day! we had to meet at around 6:30 in front of Tourism Queensland Office.

The First Destination for the Shoot was LONE PINE KOALA SANCTUARY ..
The Entry Sign of Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Different Cities around the world and how far are they from Lone Pine
James Quek (Singapore) 
After breakfast it was time to start the Action .. 
The activities we did there were:
  • Watching the 'Birds of Prey' show
The Eagle was Huge and Friendly in the whole shoot .. we had the chance to come very close to it .. 
Claire (China) During the Shoot with the Eagle
Nice Picture of Me Complement of James Quek
Getting Ready to start .. 
Grumpy Little Fella ..
The Camera Crew ..
  • Sitting around a campfire
This Reminded me of The trips we used to do back home in Saudi when we go Camping in the Desert and also reminded me of old American cowboy Movies ..

A Close up shot at the Camera used to shoot Today's Adventure 
  • Watching sheep shearing demonstration
It was the first time to see that! The guy was very good at his job!!!
Explaining to us About the Sheep Wool Quality
  • Koala cuddles & Kangaroo feeding
This was the funny part of the day! where I had to cuddle the Koala! The funny part was when the Koala was cuddling back and tried to lick me! she was a female Koala After all!! 
A Kid Feeding the EMU
James (Singapore) and Sheila (Indonesia) Cuddling the Kangaroo
Sheila and I Taking a Pic with the Kangaroo 
one of the Lazy Kangaroos ..
Solo Photo with the Koala ..
Photo Session with the Koala ..
Group photo with the Koala Left to right: Palwasha (Pakistan), Hades (Iran) and Me (Saudi)
Our Photographer .. 
Sheila (Indonesia), Shao (Malaysia), Claire (China), and Wesley (Taiwan)
After having a taste of what is it like to be in a film shoot it was time to refuel and get some energy back 
Lunch Time .. YaaaaY
My Lunch .. Yumm
After that the whole group left to Cultural center for our next destination which was GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art), The State Library, and Queensland Museum.
The Activities happened their were: 
  • A guided tour through the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).
GOMA is not a strange place to me! but the beauty of the place is that it keep changing every now and then with new Exhibitions and art Galleries ..

  • Visiting the State Library
The State Library is a very nice place to study with all the facilities around the place if you are looking for some peaceful and quality studying time ..
  • A hands on learning experience in the Discovery Centre at the Queensland Museum 
Claire (China) Reading a book at the museum ..
Lily (Vietnam) Tired after a long Day!
The Final and Last part of the Day .. 
Sheila Had some Energy to pose at the end of the day .. 
At the end of the day everyone was very tired but had heaps of fun and laughter .. 
For more Information about Tourism Queensland and Queensland Holiday Visit:

also Check out the websites of the Locations we Visited:
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Queensland Museum:

State Library of Queensland:

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