Friday, May 31, 2013

East West QUT

Being away from home and family is not an easy task to deal with!
But once I was told that my friends here are my FAMILY.
which is very very true, EAST WEST has been my family since 2009.

Every time I start writing this blog lots of memories pass through my mind which stops me of finishing it! 
It is so overwhelming being part of this Family for so long! see and meeting all those great people throughout this long period.

To people who does not know what's East West .. EW is a program started by the student engagement in QUT in order to bring international and domestic students together. 

The program was successful and attracted many international students and not so many locals. it might be the name that put the locals off or the fact that they don't hang around campus be the reason for that .. 

Nevertheless, the program served the public of QUT very well ...

My Journey with EW started with East West Tournament which is a 6-aside outdoor football tournament. 

I still remember receiving the email from the faculty about the tournament and I replied on the spot from my Xperia phone back then .. I joined in and formed my first team here in Australia "East West United"

East West United

We didn't win but we had a great time and that's why we joined in again in the next tournament and kept going together. 

From there I fell in love with EW and started attending more events, from Global Cafe to East West East Eats and finally now East West Festival. 

Global Cafe was the hub to meet students on campus from all over the world over a cup of warm drink .. In global cafe I met the most wonderful and amazing people I know .. we used to spend hours and hours chatting and forgetting all about the University worries .. 

Global Cafe 2009

East West Eats was the guide for students who are new to Brisbane .. it introduced students to many budget restaurants to and also helped students form many different connections not to mention trying all these different cuisines .. great and cheap food + great people = Awesome times :)

East West Eats

The German Club

Jun Japanese 


Ice Cream (Gelato)

Finally, East west Festival which brings all the different clubs, societies, cultures, and the diverse groups of students we have on campus in the best most enjoyable manner :) I will talk more about EW Festival in another post :) 

Along with these events we had many others like Ice Skating, Xmas and Australia Day BBQs and many more ..

Ice Skating

Australia Day

East West Family

Orientation Fun
This is my Family away from my Family and my Home Away from Home .. 

I love everything about East West and also I love everything about QUT ..

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